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Hello my Lovelies,

Can I just go straight to the point where I can confidently say that if you are on the fence of buying this palette then just do yourself a favor and go right ahead and buy this Palette.

This has to be one of the best palettes I have ever used and one of Huda’s Best Products besides the Scarlett Lashes which I just CANT live without (and I’m not being DRAMATIC)

FIRSTLY I love the Damn Packaging it is soooooooooo Simple and professional looking from a Makeup artist point of view. I love the clear cover which lets me see my shades … yea I’m lazy that way.. 😉 and it is sleek and light weight as I hate bulky packaging which takes up so much space.

The color selection is just perfect…. Hudabeauty calls it the Rose Gold Edition??… I think it should have been called the ‘Ultimate Edition’ As I have been using it non stop for every look recently. A lot of you might think this might be for attention… but I promise you that you will change your mind once you own this palette as the color selection is so perfect and balanced that I can pretty much DO any look even my whole face (see my tutorial

I have been longing for a palette with both matte and foiled eye shadows….and one which has an amazing black matte shadow, some beautiful warm yummy transition shades, a matte and shimmery highlight shade and this palette has everything.

Pigmentation and Blending is so smooth and buttery but not too soft. I hate it when eyeshadows are too soft or kick off a lot of excess powder…I feel there are more chances of eyeshadow to have fall off as I am one of those people who prefers doing face first. Also when the shadow is too soft it always feels like I’m wasting more product then actually using it. These shadows have the right balance between soft and buttery… the Hudabeauty textured eyeshadows are recommended to be use using your fingers which I 100% Agree upon….. to get the maximum pigmentation. My preference is to use a Sticky Base or A glitter Glue like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue to get the most pigmentation and avoid transferring to my crease as I have slightly hooded eyes.

The Retail Price is USD 68


Textured Shadows palette Rose Gold Edition

I hope you liked this blog post as much as I loved writing it up for you Guys.

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Stay Beautiful and remember I’m Listening 😉


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