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The Silicone Blender HACK! Does it really work? Is it worth the hype? Does it Apply your Foundation Flawlessly?

Hello My Lovelies,

I am Back with a New Video on my Youtube Channel and this time it is a Review/First Impression on the New Makeup Hack that everyone is going Crazy about … thanks to Hudabeauty. We have seen TableSpoons, forks, Sanitary pads, Toothbrush, Aftershave balm and what not! But this one really tops the lists of all the hacks that some of the beauty gurus have come up with.

I was sooo intrigued by this that I decided to do a First Impressions video and put this Silicone/Bra Insert Sponge to a test myself! My Initial Reaction in the video was .. “What have I got myself into?” But then the more I used it …I realized that it does really work well if you keep cleaning the excess with a Clean Tissue as the sponge itself does not soak or absorb any excess product unlike the Beauty Blender or a Kabuki Brush.

Another thing that Blew me away with this silicone blender was how easily and flawlessly it blended my Smashbox contour sticks especially my nose contour and how effortlessly it applied my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting powder. the Non absorbing quality really saves you a lot of product and I would highly suggest rubbing the excess with a towel/tissue every time you blend.

Moreover, you can also cut the Silicone Bra Insert into any shape or size you may want to fit your preference and face shape. I have a permanent small triangle shaped sponge kept inside my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder container and a few more to clean out edges of my eyeliner & Eyebrows on my Vanity at all times.

and the Best part for the last!… know how we Hate spending hours washing our makeup brushes and beauty blender.. and the remnants of your makeup product can still be inside your blender/brushes even after washing it 5 times. Well at least the Silicone Sponge takes literally 5 seconds to wash and its way more hygienic then your average blender.

So In Conclusion.. I really do love this Hack and I Believe it really does Work! however whether or not this will replace your Makeup Brushes or Beauty blender sitting on your vanity? .. I am not too sure on that..but I do love how you can customize it and the way its lack of absorbing quality is actually an added benefit.

If you want to see my full review and my reaction to this Silicone/Bra Insert new Hack for applying foundation then click on my you tube video above. please do leave me your comment and feedback and please do click on the subscribe button on the top left of my video

Until next time… Stay Beautiful

Ana Imran

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