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Hello Lovelies,

I am back with another makeup tutorial and this time it is Spring Inspired. Is it me? or are we all just obsessing over Roses. I have been seeing tons of tutorials which are Rose Inspired but nothing was similar to this where I have created small roses on the eyes as my eyeliner…. Yes! roses as eyeliner!

I know most of you must be thinking this Girl is crazy… I mean most people struggle with a Winged eyeliner and she is expecting us to make tiny perfect roses????

Don’t worry girls … its a lot easier than you think! just follow the simple steps that I show you in this tutorial and in no time you should be able to Rock some roses on your lids xx

Just click on the link above if you want to watch the complete tutorial. Also for new subscribers do not forget to click the Subscribe button along with the notifications buttons… to be notified every time I upload a new video.

Ana Imran

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