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How to do a Winged Eyeliner in 4 Easy Steps

Hey Guys,

I bring to you my most requested Tutorial on how to do a Winged Eyeliner. Honestly I could have done a basic video and showed you 1 technique and got away with it but the TEACHER in me just can’t be satisfied with teaching you all a basic technique. So instead I show you 4 Easy to do Steps on how one can Perfect their Eyeliner skills especially for those who are on a Beginner to an Intermediate Level.

….And Don’t worry guys I am not using any weird hack like a Knife, Fork or a Sanitary Pad…. I am using products and techniques that most people can use as nobody has got the time to do Hacks…. Lets be Realistic!

Also check out the Video to learn about my Top Eyeliners; be it liquid, gel or pencil, Along with my favorite Brushes.

Click on the above Link to watch the complete Tutorial…. and do Grab a Snack when you do, as its a long one! 😉

Stay Beautiful
Ana Imran

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