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Hey Guys,

This is has to be one of the most ‘popular’ question that I get asked all the time. To be very honest my answer is always very simple ……. I use nothing except a basic face wash and a anti aging eye cream.

During my teenage years I had a very normal flawless skin with minimal breakouts. However in my late 20’s I started experiencing ‘adult acne’ and its currently very sensitive to most skincare products, be it drugstore or luxury brands. Therefore, I prefer keeping my routine very basic to avoid any breakouts.

In the past 3 months I have discovered and added few more products to my regime, that I noticed were not causing my skin to breakout. Besides this I also take vitamins such as Zinc & Magnesium on a daily basis, however I would highly recommend that you get a proper prescription from a dermatologist before taking any supplements.

Below is a list of my current favorite skin care products that I have been loving and using on a regular basis



Ana Imran

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